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Nov 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
elections. host: 30,000 people at a campaign rally for mitt romney in columbus, ohio, which we covered on the c-span network. it is all about ohio, ohio, ohio. this is from the sunday paper. swing state holds its sway. caller: if i can get these two gentlemen to take off their name tags for one moment and answer the question. if the republicans had worked with president obama, would the situation we are in now be the same? guest: our argument about the partisanship is that the bottom line is that obama had overwhelming control in the house and senate in the first two years of his presidency. he got some of the things through that he wanted. there were several things that did not work like the stimulus package. there are also many things that he is saying, i will do, that he did not get done when he could do it. i think -- taking the name tag off -- i think i think this country is split between democrats and republicans. we believe the country is 43% democrat and 40% republican. what you see happening in washington actually reflects the american public. what that means for the next pres
Nov 4, 2012 10:30am EST
is in blue and the solid republican part is in red. >> the central part of ohio, which is columbus, the state capital. that has become the key swing area of the state. is growing and it has younger voters and it is affluent. is an area that the previous busches have one but president obama made a flip and ticket by a couple of percentage points which was key to his victory. you are seeing a lot of attention going there. this weekend, president obama will be finishing topping off his ohio campaigning in central ohio. in the past two cycles, we've seen the democrats coming up east of ohio and make that push. he is comfortable with the get- out-the-vote efforts here. he has to go down and appeal to what is considered the swing area with more independent voters and you have this educated, affluent group, the base hit around ohio state university, and that has been critical. if you show that map, you will see ohio is broken up into five ohio's. it's a very expensive state because of those five areas and some of the border areas. we have about 70 markets and that makes it very expensive to campaign
Nov 11, 2012 10:30am EST
, with the potential to go to law school. i think romney lost a lot of people in columbus because of that 47%,. >> i am really upset. i cannot believe we again got mr. obama into the white house. i am a nurse. it has been hard in the lower rio grande valley finding a job for a lot of nurses. i feel like patients are not being seen, and so forth, due to to lot of medicare cuts. you see it. yet you go to the groceries and see ladies with their michael korda's purses -- kors purses, and they pay with their lone star card. >> i am shocked and dismayed how this man could have won again. the election -- so many people are out of work. i am an executive in this community who lost his job, who was able to find a job. there are no jobs. the woman who called before, the situation with obama, with our troops and with our embassy -- i think he handled it improperly. i would not be surprised that there might not be an impeachment trial that starts. i think the country is more divided today than ever before. i think he was able to win because so many people have moved to the bottom side of the scale, because there i
Nov 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
're not saying you should suppress that. we have columbus day parades for italian-americans. polish-american parades, cinco de mayo in texas. we have anglo-american celebrations. a reporter said what does that look like? you have never been to a revolutionary meeting. not much of a celebration but it is a commemoration. the emphasis has to be on the right syllable. you're an italian-american. you're an anglo-american. year hispanic-american. and i talked to somebody from germany last year who chose to become an american. i said why? he said you have so much more freedom here. in germany there are tremendous expectations about what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to behave and based on your family background. here you're free. we want people who yearn for that freedom to come to the united states. they always have. we want them to continue to do so. it's what makes us americans. >> question down here, two questions. maybe ask your question and hand the microphone and ask both. we will try to take both questions. >> i'm a canadian working on the u.s. on an hv1 visa, a pr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4